This week Han Valk is in the USA. In this short interview we will learn a bit more about what he is doing there, but also about what HVFC does in the USA.

Where are you?

I arrived in Washington D.C. on Sunday evening. This is an important city for us, as a lot is happening here. I will be here for three days and then travel to New York for another few days of work.

What is it that HVFC does in the USA?

We mainly do two things. We help USA-based organizations – mainly NGOs now – to diversify their funding by looking for ways to improve their fundraising work, boost their capacity and achieve more impact. An example of our work is that we support US nonprofits to expand their fundraising activities to Europe. We help them to identify leads and possible partners and come up with strategies to become and remain successful.

But we are also active here to boost the results of our non-US based clients. An example of our work is that help European organizations to become more successful in US fundraising. We support them to get US Government funding or funding from well and less known foundations for example. And also in this case, we advise our clients but also love to support in the implementation of the plans.

What does the US team look like?

We have a small, dedicated US team. HVFC USA, Inc. is incorporated in New York and in total we have five consultants working for HVFC USA directly. We work hybrid, as our clients are often far away. So, even though I will meet clients and colleagues this week, I do not have time to visit our office this week. That would also be a waste of the time as I rather go outside to meet our clients and new people.

What does your week look like?

This is a week full of meetings. The week started on Labor Day, which is a public holiday here. But our clients and network are as dedicated to their cause as we are, so they took to time to meet me anyway. Wednesday will be exciting with a kickoff meeting for a new assignment with a new client of us. I look forward to this a lot! Then I will take the train to New York and have two more days of meetings. Including a strategy session with a client to discuss opportunities to target a new funding market. On Saturday I will go home, but only after I participate in a local New York Charity Run! Exciting!

What do you look forward to the least?

Travelling is a bit double feeling. Especially because I miss the first school week after summer holidays of my kids. And a bit about being here: the weather! All days it is 35 degrees Celsius or more. Bit warm to work! But I am not complaining.

And, what do you look forward to the most?

Like I said, I am not complaining. Is gives so much energy to meet all these great people. And I love these two cities. I am here a few times per year, so it feels very trusted. I have my routines and my way around. So that is great. And being close to where it all happens is fascinating. The funders are located here, the leaders of the country are here and of course all these great people and organizations that really make a difference. Fascinating to have a week full of that ahead of me!



Combining his extensive network with his insider’s knowledge of the sector, Han is the cornerstone whose support boosts every fundraising, impact and recruitment processes.

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