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USAID may appear a difficult donor to work with, but it is also one of the largest donors in the world. This training provides you background information on how USAID works and how you can explore your chances of working with USAID. It also gives you insights into how to prepare for an opportunity and explains the proposal development process. Further, it provides understanding of the key regulations you need to implement when you start working with USAID.


This training is mainly focused on assistance awards (Cooperative Agreements and Grants).


Did you know that...

  • USAID is looking for local partners to fund? USAID is planning 25% of it’s funding to go to local partners in the next four years, which is a great opportunity for local organizations.
  • Organizations working on sexual and reproductive health care and education are eligible for USAID funding again? Under the Biden administration the global gag rule (also known as the Mexico City policy) has been fully removed, which makes USAID funding an interesting opportunity for those organizations again.
  • USAID has a huge budget? The 2023 budget of USAID is $29.4 billion.
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Session 1 : Getting to know USAID

This first session provides an understanding of how USAID works and what the current USAID strategy is. With this background knowledge you can analyze how this links to your organization.

Topics included in this session are the USAID policy framework, the assistance and acquisition strategy, the country strategies and different type of awards USAID works with.

Participants will learn how to approach the first steps towards identifying USAID as a potential partner/donor for their organization. Are you working in one of the USAID priority area’s or countries?

New developments within USAID will be covered and it will be explained where and how to find new funding opportunities.

Participants will experience that the first steps towards familiarizing yourself with USAID may not be as complex as expected.

3hrs. 30 min.


Session 2 : Positioning & Preparing for USAID funding

Once decided that USAID is a donor that you would like to work with, how do you take the first steps in positioning for USAID funding? How do you know if you are eligible for new opportunities? Would you prefer to be prime or sub-recipient for an award?

This session answers how to explore the above questions and explains how to register with USAID; it also discusses the first steps in the proposal development process, both technical and financial. Steps that are taken within USAID before an opportunity is released, will be discussed, as well as the certifications to be signed with the submission of the proposal package.

Further, it explains the different proposal processes that USAID may use, what a proposal should look like and discusses best practices and lessons learned.

3hrs. 30 min.


Session 3 : Cooperative Agreements for NON US NGOs

If you are selected as implementing partner for an USAID award, the negotiations start; USAID may carry out a pre-award assessment of your organization. In this session the awarding phase will be explained, as well as how USAID decides what the requirements and conditions of an award will be. In this phase you want to understand the room for negotiation.

An example agreement will be used to become familiar with USAID awards, and with the regulations that an organization is required to follow. Understanding the regulations is not only needed during project implementation but may be even more needed when negotiating the terms of the award.

This session includes the most important standard provisions, cost principles and procurement regulations. This helps you to understand the terms of the award with USAID or the prime recipient, before signing the award and during implementation.

3hrs. 30 min.

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Session 4 : Continuation of Session 3 and Q&A

This last session will be a continuation of the third session, increasing the understanding of the terms of the award before signing the award and during implementation, but will also look ahead. Resource materials and information will be shared on the best way to remain up-to-date with USAID policies and opportunities. An inventory of your chances to work with USAID and next steps will be discussed and shared amongst participants during this last session.

3hrs. 30 min.

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This training is accessible to junior, medior and senior fundraising / NGO professionals.

No specific prior education is required.

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Sub-recipient management and navigating the rules and regulations of USAID form an integral part of her expertise, along with compliance with donor- and project requirements, and capacity strengthening.


Rosanne has a solid track record in financial management of USAID-funded projects. Her expertise is in financial compliance, indirect cost recovery, risk management, audit regulations, and internal controls.
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