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Are you looking for new donors, including those that do not accept unsolicited proposals? Do you want to build lasting relationships with them?

How to find new donors? And where to find new donors? These two questions we get very often. From small to large, all non-profit organizations need to ensure they have the funding they need to do their important work.

At HVFC, we see this search for new donors as a journey, in which relationship building is key. From mapping out opportunities with new donors to facilitating meetings with them, we have encouraged and supported many organizations on this journey.

We embark on this journey with you. Below you find more information on each step that we will take together.

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we help you to find opportunities and turn theSE into warm leads!

Donor Mapping

We explore the international foundations and grants market for you to identify donors that could become relevant sources of funding for your organization.


Donor Profiling

We conduct in-depth research on the donors that appear to be most interesting for you. Based on this knowledge, we define a strategy on how to approach these donors.


Relationship Accelerator

We develop a relationship building strategy for your prospect donors and equip your team to get in contact with these donors. This way, they are proactively engaged in the relationship-building process.


Donor Mapping

After getting a better understanding of your funding expectations (grant amounts, donor location, thematic and geographic focus areas), we identify international foundations through desk research using various databases, search engines, websites of foundations, and more.

Based on the established research criteria, we determine the quality of the match between your organization and a set of foundations and share with you a consolidated mapping report.

Following the submission of the foundations mapping, we provide a comprehensive presentation of the findings in a strategy session, and guide you towards answering the following questions:

Donor Profiling

The goal of donor profiling is to get a better understanding of the donors that appear to be the most interesting for you. Based on this research, we can give advice on what would be the best way for you to approach them. Donor profiles, including the main findings and strategy on how to approach them, are presented in a short memo per donor.

Relationship Accelerator

Following the findings of the donor mapping and/or profiling, we develop a relationship building strategy for the most promising donors together with you. Knowing that frequent, diversified and relevant contact moments are appreciated by (possible) donors, we guide you in multiplying the channels and tools for your outreach.

Once defined, we plan our actions well in advance and make sure that all relevant team members are involved and equipped to fit into the bigger relationship building picture. We also coordinate the outreach, monitor the progress and adjust the strategy where/if needed.

Added to this support, we can help you further with:

  • Capacity support in outreach
  • Pitch deck development
  • Design of outreach materials

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