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Unlock new funding opportunities in Europe and enhance your fundraising strategies to thrive in the European funding market.


Workshop overview

Over three engaging 2-hour online sessions, you will explore the European funding landscape, learn how to develop a strong donor prospect pipeline, and craft an effective fundraising strategy. The workshop concludes with actionable steps to implement your plan, topped off by a special Q&A session to address any lingering questions.

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Who is this for?

  • (Senior) business developers from non-European NGOs.
  • Also suitable for (senior) business developers from European NGOs that are interested to do fundraising outside of their home country.
  • The workshop is intended for 6 (min) to 12 (max) participants. By working in small groups, we can give proper attention to all participants, making the workshops more interactive and more tailored to your specific organizations.
  • Waitlist: It is possible to register two or more participants from one organization, however we can only guarantee participation for one participant from each organization.
    The other(s) will be put on the waiting list. The same applies for those who register after the maximum number of participants is reached. As soon as there is a spot available due to cancellation, we will invite the first on the waiting list to join and so on.

Workshop details

The workshop consists of three online sessions of two hours each. We keep it the sessions short, as online workshops are quite demanding. At the end of the workshop series, a special Q&A workshop will be scheduled for you to ask any question to get as much out of this workshop series as you wish.

Workshop 1. Building a pipeline

In the first workshop we will zoom into building a donor prospect pipeline. What does a strong European donor pipeline look like for you?

By looking at the European funding landscape we will make it more specific. What does Europe mean and what does the general landscape look like? Where can you find the information needed? In this workshop we will focus primarily on the foundations, the bi-lateral donors, and the European Commission. Recent trends will be discussed as well as how and where to find and assess relevant opportunities.

Workshop 2: Strategy

In the second workshop we zoom in on what else is needed to develop a European Fundraising Strategy.

What is needed in your legal structure? How can you structure the right visibility & positioning? Who can you potentially partner with and what capacity / investment would be needed to make it worthwhile?

At the end of this workshop, you will learn what the key ingredients are to develop a European Fundraising Strategy and what is needed to become structurally successful.

Workshop 3: Action

In the final workshop we will make your ideas actionable. With the lessons from the first two days, you now have the fundamentals to make an action plan for your European fundraising.

By doing a quick assessment of your current situation, you will figure out what actions are relevant for you to take in the coming period. What can / should be done on the short term and what can wait? What will it take (in terms of time and resources) and what will be the outcome of these actions?

At the end of this workshop, you will identify your homework. You know what you do not know yet and have a plan on how to get the answers needed. You also have a good understanding on what it takes to become successful and assess whether European fundraising is worth it for your organization.

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Practical information

  • Three-day workshop from 3 to 5 pm CEST | 9 to 11 am EST each day
  • The next session takes place on 8-10 July 2024
  • Online training
  • Fee: 300 euro all-inclusive
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What you will learn

  • Understand how to build a robust donor prospect pipeline specific to the European funding landscape.
  • Gain knowledge of key European donors, including foundations, bi-lateral donors, and the European Commission.
  • Develop a comprehensive European fundraising strategy, including legal structures, visibility, partnerships, and necessary investments.
  • Create a detailed action plan, short-term and long-term, tailored to your organization’s needs.
  • Assess the feasibility and potential success of your fundraising efforts.

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