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Get a grip on your proposition with a Theory of Change

“A Theory of Change is about the world and not about yourself” 

It is crucial for public and social organizations to demonstrate the social impact of their work, not only for donors but also for society at large. The Theory of Change (ToC) is an effective method that allows NGOs to both get a better grip on their social value and to communicate their impact story.

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In this collaborative training with MDFnl, we take the Theory of Change as a starting point to make your fundraising (including marketing and communication) stronger, by working more from the strength of the organization, more from the content and more from the impact that the organization wants to achieve.

A few questions that we will address in this session:

  • Theory of Change as an obligation
  • Theory of Change as dialogue
  • Theory of Change as a starting point


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For whom

This training is particularly applicable for those who are looking for theoretical and practical tools to shape impact-driven fundraising, using the Theory of Change approach.

It is also relevant when your organization submits a financing request to governments, equity funds or companies, or when communicating with donors and donors about the contribution of your organization to the desired impact, or appealing to the general public by telling your impact story. The training would also be helpful if you would like to make clear to partners and donors what role, position and scope you have in contributing to the desired impact.

This training is therefore useful for employees of marketing, communication and fundraising of Dutch or international charities or social organizations. Additionally, program staff with a significant role in fundraising from these organizations can also benefit from this training.




The training will be conducted in Dutch and in a secure online environment via Zoom. The training will take 4 hours, spread over the day. The program consists of three parts:

  • Part 1 – Theory of Change as an obligation
  • Part 2 – Theory of Change as dialogue
  • Part 3 – Theory of Change as a starting point

Participants can use their existing Theory of Change from their own organization in the workshop. Additional training materials will be provided from HVFC and MDFnl.


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This training is accessible to marketing, communications, fundraising and program professionals. No specific prior education is required.


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