Theory of Change

Crash course

Have you ever wondered how to build a solid Theory of Change (ToC) to make a case for support and nail your fundraising goal? Then this crash course is the right one for you!


Training overview

ToC has emerged as the new favorite among donors like DFID, BUZA, US and UK foundations, its popularity and its benefits are changing the way NGOs develop proposals and design programs.

Toc is more than just a tool, it can help to build your strategy, evaluate your impact and communicate what your projects are all about with your donors and partners. In this one-day crash course, we will guide you through a ToC journey, providing you with a clear understanding of the model, its usage and its influence.

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What you will learn

  • What ToC is and why it is relevant to use it as a nonprofit.
  • What are the key practices to develop a well-thought ToC for your organization.
  • How to understand and overcome its limitations.
  • Which are the relevant methods to introduce and maintain a successful ToC cycle between you and your donor.

Training details

  • One-day training from 10.00am to 5.00pm
  • Junior to senior-level course aimed at fundraising/NGO professionals. No specific prior education is required.
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